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Breezy Decorating Tips Inspired By Summer Season

Refresh yourself by getting the energy of the summer season to your home! What you can do have the mood of the season into your home is limited to your imagination for sure. But we have compiled elegant summer season decor recommendations to make easier your life. If you want to apply these ideas, you can do some small touches on the decorations of your home, or you can do radical changes for summer!


Refreshing Smells

scent candles, balcony, home decoration

The decoration is not only visual arrangements but also aura. The energy of the scents is so significant when the topic is a home decoration. In this sense, it is useful to include the fragrances of tropical fruits, flowers, and spices that are aestival in your decorations.


Scented candles and incense are the most used items in home decoration. Thanks to candles and incense have the colors and designs that dominate your house, you can cheer yourself up and catch the integrity of all decoration.


You can also create a different tone in your home by using a different fragrance in each room! In this way, you can capture a different mode in every corner of the house. So you can support the visual memory with smells! The place of the rooms in the visual memory with smells.


Bohemian Touches in Textile

tablecloth, dinner table, home decoration

Bring nature to your home by choosing glamorous colors that reflect the soul of the summer, soft-style graphic elements, and floral patterns. Thus, you can choose curtains, table sheets, bedclothes in the colors we are accustomed to seeing more often in summer, such as green, pink, orange, blue.


If you are ready for more radical changes, you can also apply the seat upholstery and carpets to a warm color palette that appeals to the summer season. Large floral patterns, leaf figures, round lines, and seashell and ocean wave are also visual elements that can be used to bring more life to textile products.


Stylish Chandeliers

dinner table, dinner, home decoration

In the evenings, you can do well by using lighting applications and burn summer fire! Chandeliers carrying details from wood or jute rope may look chic and proper. You can also complete the summer concept with nature themes using a floor lamp and lampshades with pastel colors in special sections such as the reading corner, dining room. 


It is essential that you choose bulbs which have natural and warm light for the chandeliers. So the light does not tire the eyes, and the ambiance protects the intimacy. Therefore, it is useful to choose the lighting options which are conformable with the general pattern of your home, stimulate the senses, and protect your eye health. You can check out the aesthetic lighting options of Özartaş Avize at Hom Design Center.


Walls in Contrast Colors

living room, home decoration, color walls

Prepare the brushes and paints! It's time to color your walls so you can integrate the concept while inviting summer to your writing home! We recommend you light shades. In this way, you can get a more spacious view and make your rooms look much wider.


On the other hand, you don't need to paint all the rooms with the same color or use the same color wallpaper. It is even possible to add depth to your home by using different colors on the walls of the same room. It is completely up to your imagination! You can also create an unusual but harmonious theme by choosing contrasting colors.


High-Colored Garden Furnitures 

garden furniture, garden furnish, terrace, home decoration

Now it is time to move items of furniture outside! Let you spend time in a balcony, a terrace, or a veranda. To store energy by breathing summer air, complete your style with garden furniture.


Colorful and stylish garden furniture, which offers the best ambiance for breakfast, coffee break, book reading or dinner, can be transformed into a party. We recommend that you take a look at Cumba which is one of the Hom Design Center brands.