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Decorative and Amazing Bookshelf Ideas for Your Books

The libraries are now part of the hall decoration, rather than standing in a forgotten corner. Stylish and conspicuous library designs add a unique atmosphere to living spaces. 


Sometimes a vast bookshelf that covers the entire wall, and sometimes small, but very decorative libraries can be chosen. Now, we offer you library design ideas that can inspire you to keep your books stylishly in the new season.


Impressive Patterns

wooden shelves, reading room

If you want a library that is compatible with your room to create a workspace or reading corner, you can use the same colors or patterns as your furniture. To do so, use the cubic shelves as a bookcase on the work table and match it with your furniture color in your room.


How Does? If you have a chair with a pattern, cover your cubic with the same fabric! As a different alternative, if you don’t have a patterned piece, match the color of your shelves with a colored painting. In this way, you make your bookshelf a part of the decoration.


Under Stairs Fantastic Libraries

Bookshelf under staircase, stair bookshelf

We love the idea of using empty spaces under the stairs as a bookcase! If you have a suitable staircase space in your home, this is the only thing you need to do here.


Thus, while making an empty space of the house useful, you will also get a very stylish decoration piece. Since there is a large area under the stairs, the libraries here are usually in excellent form, and there is plenty of room for your books. Also, use the shelves at the library not just with books and accessories and plants in a beautiful way!


Turn them to Art Space

knick knakcs, bookshelf, clock

Even if it has a beautiful look with exciting and different books in the bookcase, you can turn it into an artistic space by adding a little more creative elements.


To create an artistic space that integrates with your bookshelf in your room, add small sculptures and objects to the shelves of the library, hang a large painting in the center of the shelves, or add pictures with small frames. With these little touches, you will see that your library has become the most artistic corner of the room!


You can find modern bookshelf models for your home decoration at the Hom Design Center Enza Home store.


Stunning Colors

Greey bookcase, shelves, minimal furniture

How about experimenting trendy colors of the season with the bookcases?


Make sure that the colorful bookcases are a great solution to add color to your room. Dark pine green, indigo blue, soft colors or new trendy gray! There is no doubt that each will add a different atmosphere. An extensive and colorful library used in a corner adds depth to your room.


Note here that if you are going to use a remarkable, colorful bookcase, you should use natural colors which are more straightforward in other parts of your room. In this way, the place is far from complexity.


Natural and Simple

colorful shelves, simple reading room

For those who don't want a big bookshelf and like a simple look, our suggestion is small and tiny bookshelves. Actually, we can describe this style as a shelf, not as a library.


If you have an empty wall and don’t know what to put on, create a small bookshelf by putting a few shelves one under the other. Using these natural wood shelves for these small bookcases makes them stand more stylish and characteristic. This type of shelving is usually in Scandinavian style houses. Check out the stunning and elegant bookshelf models from the Hom Design Center brands Koleksiyon!


Mirror and Library Harmony

mirror, bookshelf, vintage living room, fireplace

It’s a really creative idea to use the bookshelf and mirror together! The mirrors you have placed in a library that covers the entire wall will add depth to your room. You can be sure that your room will be spacious.


Those who are in search of a different library will definitely love this idea! You see that the mirror placed inside the library looks how spacious and stylish. Whether you use simple or antique mirrors, you'll get an eye-catching wall in both. This idea is definitely worth trying!