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Widener Ideas For Tiny Houses

You live in a small house, or you are thinking of moving into a small house, but are you afraid of not fitting into the house? Never be afraid. Because there is no such thing as a “small house” except in exceptional circumstances, but the wrong decoration and false item choice can make the house unfit for living. In such a case, there is a solution. The only thing that needs to be done is to think a little creative and some practical.


If you don’t have any idea about how to make your home more spacious, check out our content to get some inspiration. Here are the main ways to make a house bigger, more convenient, and more spacious than it is without even changing the square meter…


Believe in The Power of Light Colors

white walls, white home decoration

The colors that dominate the house can make a big difference. For example, the walls painted in white will make the house look much airier. Therefore, the power of colors should not be underestimated. You can also make your home look bright and wider by using light tones.


Moreover, the cost of painting the house will be more economical than buying or renting a more expensive house just because it is larger. In this direction, using light tones such as white, mint green, and pale pink can make your job easier. It would not be wrong to say that painting the stairs, window sills and even wooden furniture, as well as walls, would be a practical step in this sense. So the rooms that you previously thought small will be more spacious to your eyes.


Avoid Crowds

bedroom, proper home decoration

Too many items can shrink the area of a huge house and make it look like a small house. Therefore, it is a great benefit to avoid crowds in the house. Moreover, the cleaning and maintenance of excess goods will take time. So distributing all the space-consuming items that you have not used for a long time to someone who needs them will make your job easier.


We also recommend using built-in storage equipment, such as a walk-in closet. So you can have a place to store a lot of items, and you can ensure that the items are kept tidy. You will be amazed at how much space your home actually has when you get rid of unnecessary products!


Gain Depth With Mirrors

mirror at home, usage of mirror, home decoration

Mirrors create a depth illusion that allows small spaces to be perceived as larger. Especially thanks to the large-sized mirrors, you can make the rooms look almost twice as large as the reflections on the glass.


It is now possible to observe that this very wise hint is applied in many restaurants and hotels. You can even come across places that are tiled with a floor-to-ceiling mirror. You can successfully expand your rooms with mirror method in your home.


Give Chance to Minimalism

minimalis decoration, minimalism, minimalist living room

You may like large patterns, gold-leaf, and floral textures, but the intense use of those styles can, unfortunately, cause a crowded look in places. Decorate your home in a minimalist and simple style instead of flashy touches. Thus, you still can have the stunning and eye-catching look you want. White linen sets with stripes, curtains with geometric shapes, neutral-colored upholstery, and monochrome dining sets can be good examples of minimalism.


The most important thing is harmony and functionality at home, according to minimalism. Therefore, you should care to use basic and functional objects which don’t strain eyes. For minimalist home collections, check out the Natuzzi Italia products at the Hom Design Center.


Try to Match Furniture

living room furnishing, matching furniture

Many people prefer to buy furniture collection for essential parts of the house, such as a living room, dining room, and bedroom. This choice saves time and makes it possible to put into the final form of the house at affordable costs. However, when it comes to small houses, it is a much more ideal option to focus on furniture parts that are compatible with each other and with the general spirit of the house.


Thus, the occupation of the house can be prevented by the furniture that will not be used and occupy extra space. Besides, the homeowner can create their own collection at home by choosing furniture that is not a part of a collection but best matches each other. This reinforces a sense of belonging. If you want to reflect your own soul to the decoration while creating a spacious appearance in your home, you can check on the options offered by Cumba Selection, which is one of Hom Design Center stores.